About project. Why I created this blog?

Hello. My name is Sergey Ruvisa.

I created this website and blog to help people ubderstand all the nuances of visa legislation. I will tell how to obtain visa to Russia without problems and what pitfalls can be encountered along this way.

Idea to create this blog arosed after me and my friends repeadetly invited friends from abroad. We had to apply to different companies specializing in visas and they often made a buck on guys like me. I’ve decided to change a situation and with my friends created this blog where I tried to systematize all information abount visas.

Here you can find only exlusive information and real reviews. Join the discussion of questions you are interested in, consult with other users and look for most relevant information.

If you have suggestions to improve my blog send them to info@ruvisa.online.

Information on this website is available in the following languages:
Russian Russian, English English.