Temporary registration of foreign citizens

What is the temporary registration?

Temporary registration of foreign citizens in Russia is their registration at a section of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This procedure is mandatory for all foreign citizens arriving to Russia for a period more than a week. Moreover, you need to register within 7 business days after crossing the Russian border. Each foreigner gets a migration card upon arrival to Russia for this. Border guards mark the date of crossing the border in the migration card.

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Features of temporary registration

Temporary registration of a foreigner has nothing in common with residence permit because of clearly prescribed terms of registration in it. For this reason, you do not need to worry that foreigner, registered in your house temporarily, will be able to get real property titles.

For the temporary registration of a foreigner in a several owners living accommodation it will be necessary to make written consent from all owners for this type of registration. If one of the owners will not sign the agreement, it will not be possible to apply for temporary registration for a foreigner in this accommodation. In case if living accommodation is not privatized, you need to require consent to temporary registration of a foreign citizen from all people living in.

Registration of a foreigner visiting Russia and stay at any habitation is a responsibility of proprietor of a certain habitation. In case you haven’t been temporary registered, both proprietor of habitation and you will be fined.

Exemption of registration

According to the law in the 2020 you can not register in a case when you stay in the city less than 7 days. It means that you can stay 6 days in a hotel in St. Petersburg, then stay 6 days in a hotel in Moscow, after that you can go to Krasnodar for 6 days and then leave the country. Anyway, it is recommended to register no matter how long you stay in a certain city.

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What is registration for?

Temporary registration is required after obtaining a visa to Russia.

Step-by-step guide to obtain a visa to Russia


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0 thoughts on “Temporary registration of foreign citizens

  • Abhijay says:

    I am an Indian student living in Saint Petersburg. I live in an apartment but landlord can’t register me as she is living in another city at the moment. She can only
    Register me after three months. What can I do in this case? Please help me out.
    Thank you,

  • Rashid Ismail says:

    Hello.. My name is Rashid. I am from Pakistan. I am living in Russia for last 15 months. I am living in university dorm. I got married before 2 months. Now I want to rent a room with my wife but house owners are not providing registration. We asked from many people but no one is agree to give registration. Kindly tell me what to do next? How to solve this problem

  • I received an invitation referring to hotel “Kosmos” as my place of stay. However I am staying in a different place for longer than 7 days. How can I obtain a temporary registration without breaking any rules?

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