Migration risk countries in the 2020

What is migration risk countries?

Migration risk countries are those, where combat actions is underway or where economic climate is considered as adverse. Citizens of these countries violate visa regime more often than others. There is no official list of such countries but there is an informal practice of denying visa issuance to citizens of disadvantaged states. In the 2020 it will be much more expensive and difficult to obtain a visa for them than for citizens of prosperous countries.

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Useful information about migration risk countries:

List of migration risk countries

All countries in the list below are considered as migration risk states. I’ve analyzed the difficulty of obtaining a visa by asking the leaders of visa market and put a difficulty rating from 1 to 5. Where 5 is the highest level of risk, which means that there is a low probability to obtain a visa and an invitation to Russia from any organization.

In order to get detailed information about each country, click on the link in the table.

List of migration risk countries
Country Difficulty level of obtaining a visa
People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria (Algeria) 3
Antigua and Barbuda 3
Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt) 3
Barbados 3
Belize 3
Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace (Brunei) 3
Burkina Faso 3
Oriental Republic of Uruguay (Uruguay) 3
Gabonese Republic (Gabon) 3
Republic of Guinea (Guinea) 3
State of Qatar (Qatar) 3
State of Kuwait (Kuwait) 3
State of Palestine (Palestine) 3
State of Eritrea (Eritrea) 3
Georgia 3
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo) 3
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) 3
Republic of India (India) 2
Republic of Iraq (Iraq) 3
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (Afghanistan) 3
Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran) 3
Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Mauritania) 3
Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Pakistan) 3
Republic of Yemen (Yemen) 3
People’s Republic of China (China) 2
Co-operative Republic of Guyana (Guyana) 3
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 5
Kingdom of Cambodia (Cambodia) 3
Kingdom of Lesotho (Lesotho) 3
Kingdom of Morocco (Morocco) 3
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) 3
Kingdom of Thailand (Thailand) 3
Kingdom of Tonga (Tonga) 3
Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) 3
Lebanese Republic (Lebanon) 3
Malaysia 3
Republic of Maldives (Maldives) 3
People’s Republic of Bangladesh (Bangladesh) 3
Nepal 3
United Republic of Tanzania (Tanzania) 3
Republic of Albania 3
Republic of Angola (Angola) 3
Republic of Benin (Benin) 3
Plurinational State of Bolivia (Bolivia) 3
Republic of Botswana (Botswana) 3
Republic of Burundi (Burundi) 3
Republic of The Gambia (Gambia) 3
Republic of Ghana (Ghana) 3
Republic of Guinea-Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) 3
Republic of Honduras (Honduras) 3
Republic of Djibouti (Djibouti) 3
Republic of Zambia (Zambia) 3
Republic of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) 3
Republic of India (India) 3
Republic of Indonesia (Indonesia) 3
Republic of Cabo Verde (Cabo Verde) 3
Republic of Cameroon (Cameroon) 3
Republic of Kenya (Kenya) 3
Republic of Colombia (Colombia) 3
Republic of the Congo 3
Republic of Côte d’Ivoire (Côte d’Ivoire) 3
Republic of Liberia (Liberia) 3
Republic of Mauritius (Mauritius) 3
Republic of Madagascar (Madagascar) 3
Republic of North Macedonia (North Macedonia) 3
Republic of Malawi (Malawi) 3
Republic of Mali (Mali) 3
Republic of Malta (Malta) 3
Republic of Mozambique (Mozambique) 3
Republic of Namibia (Namibia) 3
Republic of the Niger (Niger) 3
Republic of Nicaragua (Nicaragua) 3
Republic of Rwanda (Rwanda) 3
Republic of Paraguay (Paraguay) 3
Republic of Seychelles (Seychelles) 3
Republic of Senegal (Senegal) 3
Republic of the Sudan (Sudan) 3
Republic of Suriname (Suriname) 3
Republic of Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone) 3
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago) 3
Republic of Uganda (Uganda) 3
Republic of the Philippines (Philippines) 3
Republic of Chad 3
Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Equatorial Guinea) 3
Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) 5
Federal Republic of Somalia (Somalia) 3
Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam) 3
State of Libya, (Libya) 3
Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar) 3
Sultanate of Oman (Oman) 3
Republic of Fiji (Fiji) 3
Togolese Republic (Togo) 3
Republic of Tunisia (Tunisia) 3
ТRepublic of Turkey (Turkey) 3
Union of the Comoros (Comoros) 3
Federal Republic of Nigeria (Nigeria) 3
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Ethiopia) 3
Jamaica 3

How do citizens of migration risk countries get a visa?

Russian list of migration risk countries grows and changes depending on the world situation. The following conditions may get a country on that list:

  • the beginning of military conflict;
  • threat of terrorist invasion;
  • weak or non-existent government;
  • large increase in number of people wishing to move abroad;
  • severance of diplomatic relations with Russia.

Nevertheless, if you are from a migration risk country, you still have a chance to obtain Russian visa. An invitation, which is required to get a visa, issues only after a thorough check and interview with an applicant and an inviting party. Besides, a citizen of a migration risk country has to pay fully his accommodation and program of stay.

Step-by-step guide to get Russian Visa

Person from a migration risk country has a right to apply for a visa only at a territory of that country. If you apply for a visa from another country’s territory then you must possess an official permanent residency of that state.

Click on the link in the table List of migration risk countries to see a list of diplomatic authorities and get additional information about certain country.

In order to obtain Russian multiple entry visa, a citizen of a migration risk country must have previously issued Russian visas. It will be necessary to present copies of those visas, which were pasted into your passport.

Where get an invitation for a citizen of migration risk country?

Only a small amount of organizations agrees to invite guests from migration risk countries. Even in migration risk countries exists people, whose main purpose is not to change a residency or escape from a war but just to visit Russia with tourist or business purposes. Such companies provide VIP service, working with every person individually. Also their work is to screen unreliable citizens, who can violate the law of Russian Federation.

Get an invitation

If you are going to apply for a visa from the most migration risked countries (more than 3 points according to my rating), I recommend not to do it by yourself but directly contact an inviting organization.


If you have any questions ask them in the comments to this article. I will try to answer them all.

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