Higher educational institutions

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Moscow high schools

Type Name Website
Technical МИРЭА – Russian technological University * https://mirea.ru
Technical Moscow Aviation Institute * https://mai.ru
Technical Moscow State Technical University of automobiles and roads (МАДИ) http://madi.ru
Medical Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry http://msmsu.ru
Technical Moscow State Technical University of civil aviation http://mstuca.ru
Technical Bauman Moscow State Technical University http://bmstu.ru
Technical Moscow State Technological University “Stankin” https://stankin.ru
Technical Moscow Technical University of communication and informatics * https://mtuci.ru
Technical Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology https://mipt.ru
Technical National University of science and technology * http://misis.ru
Technical National Research Nuclear University «МИФИ» https://mephi.ru
Medical Sechenov Moscow State Medical University https://sechenov.ru
Technical Gubkin Russian State University of oil and gas https://gubkin.ru
Medical Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University http://rsmu.ru

St. Petersburg high schools

Type Name Website
Technical Ustinov Baltic State Technical University https://voenmeh.ru
Medical Kirov Academy of military medicine http://vmeda.org
Medical Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University http://1spbgmu.ru
Technical Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg state transport university https://pgups.ru
Medical St. Petersburg state academy of chemistry and pharmaceutics https://spcpu.ru
Technical St. Petersburg Mining University http://spmi.ru
Technical St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University http://smtu.ru
Medical St. Petersburg State Pediatric University http://gpmu.org
Technical St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instumentation http://suai.ru
Technical St. Petersburg State University of civil aviation https://spbguga.ru
Technical St. Petersburg State University of telecommunications http://sut.ru
Technical St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University https://etu.ru
Medical St. Petersburg medico-social Institute http://medinstitut.org
Technical St. Petersburg Natioanl research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics http://abit.ifmo.ru
Technical Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University https://spbstu.ru
Medical Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University http://szgmu.ru

Yekaterinburg high schools

Type Name Website
Technical Ural State Mining University http://ursmu.ru
Technical Ural State Forestry University http://usfeu.ru
Medical Ural State Medical University https://usma.ru
Technical Ural State University of Railsway transport http://usurt.ru
Technical Ural Federal University named after Boris Yeltsin http://urfu.ru

Novosibirsk high schools

Type Name Website
Technical Novosibirsk State University https://nsu.ru
Medical Novosibirsk State Medical University http://ngmu.ru
Technical Novosibirsk State Technical University https://nstu.ru
Technical Siberian State University of geosystems and technologies https://sgugit.ru
Technical Siberian State University of railway transport http://stu.ru
Technical Siberian State University of telecommunications and informatics https://sibsutis.ru
Technical Siberian independent Institute http://isuni.ru