Russian Electronic Visa. Price 2020

What is an e-Visa to Russia?

Electronic Visa is a new type of visa for citizens of foreign countries without visa-free regime with Russia. The validity of Russian e-Visa can be from 1 to 30 days and allows you to stay in Russia from 1 to 8 days.

For nowadays, electronic visa is an experimental format. You do not need an invitation for it. Also, visa receiving is free.

Information on this website is available in the following languages:
Russian Russian, English English.

Quick info about e-Visa:

Duration: 1 to 8 days*
Average price: Free
Number of entries: Single
Receipt time: From 1 to 4 calendar days**
Accessible regions: Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad region, Far Eastern Federal district (Vladivostok) ***

* – This is the maximum term for now

** – After completing an application on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs

*** – Service of issuing a single-entry e-Visas for traveling around whole territory of Russia will work after January 1 of 2021 (according to the instructions of the President)

Don’t want to go into details? There is a step-by-step guide for you:

It will help you to prepare full set of documents in 1 hour. After you need only to wait for getting your e-Visa. So, what do you need to do?

  1. Have a valid passport
  2. To get a health insurance
  3. Make your photo in JPEG format (width to height ratio 35×45)
  4. Fill in the form on
  5. Wait from 1 to 4 calendar days and get the result of processing of the application by e-mail.

If the e-Visa is not suitable for you, you can get an ordinary visa. Use the instructions below:

Step-by-step guide how to get the Ordinary Russian Visa

Full information about electronic visa to Russia:


Electronic Visa to Russia is a new visa format, which can help to save your time for getting it. However, it is not suitable for most people who want to visit Russia. Currently, electronic visa is an experimental format only for citizens of certain countries. List of countries established by the Government of the Russian Federation. With this kind of visa, you can visit only 3 regions: Saint-Petersburg, the Kaliningrad region, the Far Eastern district.

There are plans to make full coverage of Russian territory for this type of visa in 2021. Russian Foreign Ministry will approve the list of countries, whose citizens will be able to use online visa service from 2021. Definitely, list will include China, South Korea, Japan, EU and non-EU Schengen countries, and maybe New Zealand. The UK, Canada and the USA are not yet planned to be included in the list.

E-Visa doesn’t require an invitation and free of charge. Categories of e-Visas: ordinary business visa, ordinary tourist visa and ordinary humanitarian visa. If the purpose of your trip to the Russian Federation doesn’t match to any of the above, you have to apply to the Diplomatic mission or Consular office of the Russian Federation for an ordinary (non-electronic) visa.

You can prepare all the documents for visa by yourself. Read my blog and you will save your time and money.

Validity of e-Visa to Russia

The e-Visa is valid from 1 to 8 days, according to the law of Russia. E-visa is single entry only and cannot be extended!

Average services cost for obtaining e-Visa to Russia

e-Visa doesn’t have consular fee and currently free of charge. In the future, from 2021, approximately cost of e-Visa will be ≈47$ (≈42€). However, also you need to consider the cost of health insurance and other small expenses.

Cost example for services for an e-Visa to Russia. Per citizen from the European Union for 8 days:

Visa insurance ≈1,5$ per day * 8 days ≈13$ (≈12€)
Digital photo 8$ (≈7€)
Total: 21$ (≈19€)

Price of services for e-Visa to Russia consists of:

Insurance price for e-Visa

Insurance for e-Visa costs ≈80 roubles or 1,5$ (≈1€) per day. Pricing of insurance is complex and depends on the age of the foreigner. The price ranges from 80 to 500 roubles or from 1,5$ to 8$ (from ≈ 1€ to ≈7€) per day.

So, depending on the duration (from 1 to 8 days), the insurance will cost from 1,5$ to 12$ for an ordinary adult.

Where to get visa insurance?

Price of the photo for e-Visa

The photo costs ≈500 roubles or ≈8$ (≈7€) by the specialist. Also, you can take photo on your phone. The photo should be electronic, in JPEG format. Face should occupy 70-80% of the photo area, with no headwear or glasses. Photo dimensions: width to height ratio 35×45.

As you can see, it’s not funny at all!

How to get an e-Visa to Russia?

To apply for an e-visa to Russia you need:

  1. Have a valid passport
  2. To get a health insurance
  3. Have your photo in JPEG format (width to height ratio 35×45)
  4. Fill in the form on
  5. Wait from 1 to 4 calendar days and get the result of processing of the application by e-mail.

If the e-visa is not suitable for you, you can get an ordinary visa. Use the instructions below:

Step-by-step guide how to get the Ordinary Russian Visa

Detailed information about documents and nuances of getting an e-Visa to Russia:

What documents do I need for visa to Russia?

  • Valid foreign travel passport
  • Medical insurance policy valid throughout the Russian Federation
  • Complete visa application form on the website, including digital photography

How not to get into trouble with scammers?

Pay attention! Filling application form and issuing an e-Visa is available only for citizens of some countries. The list of countries is established by the Government of the Russian Federation, you can find it on the official website! If website address with fill-in form mismatch with link above, be aware, this is an unofficial portal and such visa will not be legal!

Where to get insurance for visa to Russia?

You can get a relevant insurance for e-Visa by contacting the insurance company.

Prepare a medical insurance policy on a specialized service

The cost of this insurance depends on the age of the person, insurance program, amount of insurance and popularity of the insurance company. The cost of insurance is usually up to 1 euro per day.

Important point: the minimum mandatory insurance amounts are determined from the principle of reciprocity. For example, if any country requires insurance of 30 thousand euros for entering its territory, either citizens of this country must be insured before traveling to Russia for at least 30 thousand euros. Contact the Consulate in your country to find out for what amount you need to be insured.

Where to apply for e-Visa to Russia?

To get an e-Visa, a foreigner has to complete the form on the website!

For further questions, please contact the Consulate of Russia.

List of Russian Consulates abroad

Terms of issuing e-Visa to Russia

The standard period of e-Visa processing cannot exceed 4 calendar days.

Multiplicity of e-Visa to Russia

E-visa is only single entry.

A single-entry visa allows a foreigner to enter to the Russian Federation and leave the country once.

Purposes of e-Visa visit to Russia

Categories of e-Visas and appropriate purposes:

  • ordinary tourist (the purpose of the trip is tourism);
  • ordinary business (purpose of the trip is business);
  • ordinary humanitarian (the purpose of the trip is sports ties, cultural ties, scientific and technical ties).

If the purpose of your trip to the Russian Federation doesn’t correspond to any of the above, you need to apply to the diplomatic mission or consular office of the Russian Federation for an ordinary (non-electronic) visa.

What does an e-Visa to Russia look like?

A russian visa form is defined as a notification of the outcome of an application (a PDF file with information about the foreigner).

You need to print this PDF file. If you don’t have printer, you need to save the information from notification in any other way and be able to present it visually to the representatives of the transport company when you will board the transport, and to the border guards at passport control, and to the checkpoint of region.

Select the tip language from the drop-down list in time of filling-in the electronic form. Tips will help to explain the meaning of the questions you need to answer. If the tip language is russian, you need to write the answers to the questions also in russian language. The exception is names, addresses and names of institutions, that need to be written in English. If you have chosen English, then all your answers should be only in this language with using the latin alphabet characters.

In case if spelling of names or surnames contains signs of the national language, that are not included in the latin alphabet (such as, for example, Ñ, É, Ü or Ç), specify the transliterated values from first machine-readable line of your passport in the appropriate fields of the application. For example, if the name in the visual zone of the passport “Séo Türre”, then you should use the names from the machine – readable line – “Seo Tuerre”.

The following information is entered in the e-Visa application form:

  • the date of issuing a visa;
  • the start and the end of visa validity;
  • length of stay;
  • citizenship of a foreigner;
  • the ID number of visa (the alphanumeric code, which indicates the place of visa issuance and its ordinal number);
  • name and surname of the foreigner (Cyrillic and Latin);
  • passport number;
  • date of birth;
  • sex;
  • purpose of travel.

Сorrections in the printed notification are not allowed!

Special theme

E-Visa is a new format of visas for entry into the territory of Russia. If you understand that it is not suitable for you, use the opportunity to get an ordinary (non-electronic) visa to Russia.


This article describes the main stages of getting an electronic visa to Russia, and necessary documents for its receipt and spending, which entails its registration. Legal acts are also presented and will help to learn the issue.

Currently, this type of visa is very limited:

  • available to citizens not of all countries;
  • this kind of visa allow you to visit only territory of the Far Eastern Federal district and the Kaliningrad region..

If you have any question, look for information in the “FAQ” section. Perhaps, your question is have answered already. Some important remarks from the section “Questions and answers” included into this article.

Legal acts and Laws

References to legal acts used in writing of the article:

  1. Federal Law No. 202-FZ of 19.07.2018 “On amending certain Russian laws as related to application of the simplified entry procedure for foreign nationals with electronic visas within airport checkpoints on the Russian state border located in the Far Eastern Federal District (the “Law”).
  2. Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 15, 2019 No. 595 “About establishment of features of execution of visas in electronic form and entry into the Russian Federation based on visas in electronic form of citizens of the foreign states arriving to the Russian Federation through the check points through frontier of the Russian Federation located in the territory of the Special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region”


If you have any questions ask them in the comments to this article. I will try to answer them all.

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